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Our Services- Athletic Fields


The more roots you have, the more nutrients and water your turf will be able to absorb making more your turf more able to withstand wear, insects,  diseases, and other negative factors. There are certain times of the year where we try to maximize root growth and times where we try to minimize root loss. Our programs are designed to maximize root growth and minimize root losses!



  • We will help you find that balance between fertility, growth, level of play, and amount of play your fields get. Just because your soil tests come back "adequate" doesn't mean you don't have to fertilize-tell that to a NFL or MLB team and ask them what their field would look like!
  • A well fed field recovers and performs better as well as thin areas filling in quicker.


  • Verti-Quake-linear decompaction up to 10" deep at 10" spacing
  • Verti-Drain-traditional aeration with tines up to 12" deep at 4" spacing
  • Verti-knife-linear decompaction-up to 10" deep or 4" deep at 4" spacing
  • Standard core up to 4" deep


  • We will advise you on what sand to purchase (usually two to three 10 wheel dump truck loads per field) we will topdress and drag the field to fill in low spots

Overseeding, Interseeding & bare ground seeding

  • Blends and mixes of Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, Tall and Fine Fescues
  • Uniform distribution of seed and maximum soil/seed contact

Customized season programs

  • Combination of aerating, seeding, fertilizing, etc.

Pesticide applications

  • Pre-emergent crabgrass control, grub and insect control, broadleaf weed control
  • Growth regulators


  • How do you know what to do if you never did it before? We have answered that question countless times

Soil & tissue tests

Other services available