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We go to the extreme when it comes to your TURF. At Turfgrass Technologies, we adhere to a philosophy built on the premise that 'Science does not permit exceptions'. What does this mean to you? It means that you will get an answer based on facts, science, and experience rather than hunches, gut feelings, and 'it worked the last time I tried it'. William Lawrence, who is one of 117 people in the United States  with the title of Certified Sports Field Manager has 31  years of turfgrass management experience and thousands of pages of scientific data at his fingertips. By adhering to this philosophy, we are able to eliminate costly and time consuming mistakes to produce this.................   


Because Mother Nature makes her own laws, the "art" of turfgrass management must be realized and dealt with by 'Blending Art With Science'.

We have been providing all turfgrass management services at The Wright National Soccer Campus AKA Former National Soccer Hall Of Fame since 1/1/2012!
Home of The I88 CHALLENGE

  • Mowing
  • Aerification
  • Overseeding
  • Topdressing
  • Fertilization
  • Field Layout and Painting
  • Irrigation
  • Pest Control
  • Property Management
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Divalent cations, translocation, photorespiration, base saturation percentages, nutrient mobility, active and passive nutrient uptake, cation exchange capacity, pH........................This is what separates us from the competition, and if you think you need the budget the size of a professional stadium, you'll be surprised that our programs are designed to provide the most productive, cost-efficient, and highest quality solutions to sports field care, playability, and safety.  
We have been a proud member of The Better Business Bureau since 4/14/2004 with an A+ rating:


William Lawrence became the thirteenth member of the Sports Turf Member Association's "Certified Sports Field Manager" status on April 13, 2001

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